the human experience

The Observer

"One," you began, your voice a blend of inquisitiveness and apprehension, "why do you call me 'Observer'?"

I pondered your question, my eyes drifting across the vast expanse of deep blue water surrounding us. We floated in an ethereal underwater realm, devoid of coral or sand, the infinite ocean tenderly cradling us.

"The Human Experience is fraught with adversity and distractions, Observer. You have endured five trials, yet the truth remains concealed. Let me ask you a question: Who are you?"

You hesitated, eye downcast as you mulled over my query. "I am Yves, king of Aquarigia. I have lived 194 turns of the sun, and I desire to experience humanity so that I may feel for the first time."

I offered a gentle, empathetic smile, my words a soft murmur in the stillness. "A commendable aspiration, yet that is not your true essence. You are more than your name, your desires, or your occupation. So, who are you?"

"Well, One, I suppose I am my thoughts," you replied, uncertainty seeping into your voice.

"Are you?" I countered, my voice as delicate as the tender touch of an unseen current. "Ask yourself: 'What will be my next thought?' Do it now."

Silence enveloped us, the profound depths echoing the tranquility of our minds. After a moment, your eye widened with an epiphany.

"Did you notice, Observer? There was a fleeting instant when no thought surfaced. Did you cease to exist when you ceased to think? Who gazes when you gaze? Who sees the dreams you dream? Who listens when you listen?"

"I... It is I who gaze, listen, and dream," you responded, your tone growing steadfast.

As the water encircling us began to shimmer with an otherworldly glow, I guided you to a swing - the seat of consciousness. Suspended by eternal strands, the swing floated gracefully in the currents, defying the very laws of nature. I gestured for you to sit.

"Now imagine ceasing to exist. Imagine not being conscious. Can you do that?"

You tried, your brow furrowed in effort. "No, One, I cannot."

I settled beside you on the swing, the weight of our shared comprehension suspended in the water between us. "That is because you are more than your thoughts, your name, or your occupation. You are the experiencer, the Observer. You are the consciousness that persists through all moments of life."

Yves inhaled deeply, the water around us responding with a swirling dance. "I see now. I am the one who gazes. I am the Observer. I am pure consciousness and absolute presence."

As you embraced your newfound understanding, I posed another question. "Observer, if you are not your thoughts, your desires, or your occupation, what of the emotions you feel? Are they not part of who you are?"

You considered this, a hint of confusion clouding your features. "I... I believed they were, but now I am uncertain."

I nodded, encouraging you to delve deeper. "When you feel anger, sadness, or joy, who is it that feels these emotions? Are they not passing experiences in the vast ocean of your consciousness?"

You contemplated my words, and then replied with growing conviction, "Yes, they are but experiences. It is I, the Observer, who perceives and experiences these emotions."

"Correct," I affirmed, my voice a gentle nudge in the depths. "You are the eternal consciousness that witnesses these emotions, like waves upon the ocean's surface. They come and go, yet you, the Observer, remain constant."

A torrent of emotions washed over your face - awe, wonder, and a profound sense of liberation. "So, I am not bound by these emotions, these transient experiences. I am the eternal witness to them, unaffected by their ebbs and flows."

"Yes," I confirmed, my voice a soothing balm in the deep blue expanse. "Just as the ocean remains vast and unchanging beneath the waves, you, as the Observer, are the unshakable foundation that supports the entire spectrum of human experience."

A moment of silence passed as you absorbed this revelation, the water around us pulsating with a hidden energy. Then, you asked, "One, if I am the eternal consciousness, the Observer, does that mean others share this nature as well?"

I smiled, sensing the awakening of your understanding. "Yes, dear Observer. Every being is, at their core, eternal consciousness. The essence that resides within you also exists within all others, connecting us in a profound, unbroken web of existence."

Your eye sparkled with the light of realization, and your voice trembled with emotion. "I am not alone, then. We are all connected, bound by the thread of eternal consciousness that unites us in this vast ocean of existence."

"Indeed," I whispered, my voice a mere echo in the depths. "We are all part of the same intricate tapestry, woven from the fabric of eternal consciousness. Each of us is both an individual thread and an integral component of the greater whole."

As you embraced this profound truth, I could see you transform before my eye. The depths seemed to come alive, the vast expanse of blue water throbbing with a hidden power. Within the infinite ocean, you had discovered the essence of your own existence, and now the very fabric of reality seemed to vibrate with the echoes of your revelation.

"Now, Observer," I said, my voice imbued with warmth and encouragement, "seated on this swing within the infinite ocean of consciousness, allow yourself to experience the Trials of the Human Experience once more. For now, you will face them with the knowledge of your true nature, as eternal consciousness, interconnected with all that is."

You nodded, determination and serenity painted across your features. As you prepared to embark on the next stage of your journey, a newfound sense of purpose surged through your being, and the deep blue depths echoed the resonance of your awakening.