the human experience

The Dystopic Illusion

And then, my heart plummeted. It was a sensation I knew intimately, one that had haunted me through my lengthy years. It was the pang of realizing that someone I had guided, someone whose destiny was in my hands, had encountered one of the most brutal trials of The Human Experience. Yet, I did not anticipate you to be so engulfed by it.

"I have lost hope, One," you uttered, your voice laden with sorrow. "Yes, I have felt. Yes, now I can feel. But you led me to a fractured world."

The clamor was overwhelming, a discordant symphony of turmoil that filled my ears. You knelt in despair, overburdened by the flood of information that assailed you. Your heart quivered, torn by fear and uncertainty.

"A new global conflict is on the horizon. A fresh virus will claim me. Alien beings will invade, and the planet will warm and perish. I am endangered, I am terrified. And you... you ushered me here?"

I sensed the loathing and the agony that your soul emanated. This was genuine pain, the kind that cut deeper than any corporeal wound. You felt betrayed, and now, nearly human, the emotions were palpable. So, I resolved to aid you once more, Observer.

"Submerged in a trial, you are," I whispered gently, "yet so enwrapped that you cannot perceive. You do not Observe, Observer. Divided you stand. You despise your neighbor because he was conditioned, just like you, to think divergently. Fearful you are, for the media seeks to keep you afraid."

Your shoulders shuddered with sobs, the bleak vision of the world gnawing at your heart.

"Is the world truly ending, Observer?" I inquired. "How do you know?"

You gestured to a television. A man on the news incessantly repeated, subliminally, 'The world is going to end, the world is going to end, the world is going to end.'

"I see," I responded, although I understood that there was more to this than merely the words on a screen.

I did not know how to steer you, for I knew that your mind would not be readily persuaded otherwise. After all, fanaticism is one of the most sinister evils known to humankind. To not be able to alter your mind, to not be receptive to new possibilities, was a perilous thing indeed.

And so, I resolved to show you the hard way, to compel you to avert your gaze from the screens.

"Observer, rise. Turn around. Witness the world for what it is," I murmured softly.

"No! Why? Why would I desire to see the chaos, the demise, the tempest?" you protested vehemently.

And then, beholding you in this pitiable state after all the trials you had already surmounted, compelled me to breach my sacred vows and intervene.

"Stand up!" I thundered, my voice resonating with the authority of a deity.

And so you did.

"Turn around," I ordered.

And so you did.

And in silence, you stood for a time, paralyzed by what you beheld.

"This is impossible," you exclaimed. "What manner of trickery is this, One!?"

"No trick, child," I said quietly.

"Then where? Where is the storm, where is the wind, where is the chaos?" you inquired.

"I do not know, child, but not here," I answered.

I saw the inner workings of your mind, a shattered paradigm, uncertain of what to do.

"Impossible," you declared, your voice laden with disbelief. We stood in silence for a moment, the weight of the revelation heavy upon us.

"One. They deceived me. Why?" you asked, finally breaking the silence.

I hesitated before responding, "Well... who can say?"

We lingered there for a heartbeat longer, the weight of the deception settling in.

"Some believe it's about coin," I continued, "Fear sells, they claim. Others think it's about control. A frightened populace is easier to manipulate. And some think it's about dividing the population."

You turned to me, seeking guidance, "I don't understand. What should I do now?"

"As I see it," I replied, "you have two paths. First, endeavor to rouse as many souls as possible from this mirage of hatred and fear, of division and suffering. Pursue unity, pursue love, dismantle the barriers that fanaticism erects. Make it your life's purpose to awaken those blinded by the narratives of division, hatred, and fear. Or second, cease attending to the external clamor and the external negativity."

You kept looking at the lake, feeling foolish and betrayed, and rightly so. Even as the news persisted in displaying storms and waves, the lake before us remained tranquil and serene.

Fury smoldered within you, and you felt the urge to exact vengeance, to reveal the truth to others. But deep down, you knew that wasn't the solution, at least not for you.

You drew a deep breath and glanced back at the television. Turmoil, gales, downpours, and chills were all they portrayed. But when you gazed upon the lake, all you beheld was stillness, warmth, and peace.

And in that moment, you made your choice. You stepped away from the cacophony, and as you had done in your old abode, you immersed yourself in the tranquility of the water.

And so, you reminded yourself to be reborn anew by this trial, to live a life rooted in love, and to maintain an open mind. You vowed not to be a fanatic of any faction or any thought, to not despise those who held different beliefs. For you knew that you too had once been conditioned. You swore to not allow the external negativity in.

You vowed not to be devoured by The Dystopic Illusion.