the human experience

Heart Stone: A Life Awakens

Thus, you emerged from the water, gasping for air as if born anew. The sensation felt strange, for you had never truly breathed before. Desperate and disoriented, you clambered onto the Heart Stone and settled upon its snowy peak. The earth welcomed you, a creature from the depths, reborn. Shivering, your bones rattled within your body, yet a smile graced your lips.

"So this is what cold feels like," you murmured, voice quavering.

"Actually, that's what freezing to death feels like," I replied, and we shared a laugh. "Come on..." I urged you.

"What do you mean?" you inquired.

"Don't you want to feel the snow on your face?" I suggested.

A moment of stillness passed before realization washed over you. Deliberately, your trembling hands reached for the helm that had been a part of you for so long. With great care, you lifted it from your face and set it upon the Heart Stone. Gazing skyward, you allowed the snowflakes to caress your newfound cheeks.

And then, you wept

Lowering your head, you pressed a hand to your tear-streaked face. "Oh, how beautiful it is to feel, even this pain, even this cold," you whispered.

"I'm glad you like it, Yves," I said gently.

Yves? No more Observer? No more Child?" you asked, surprised.

"Not today," I smiled. "Our time together is coming to an end, child."

You nodded in understanding. "Please," I continued, "remind me, what did the trials teach you, Yves?"

You took a deep breath and began, "I will not slumber in the warmth of The Eternal Comfort; I will chase the unknown and face my fears. I will seek discomfort to grow and achieve true, lasting satisfaction. I will not kneel under the Dead Weight; I will let go of the ropes that insecurity and external opinions are. I will embrace my uniqueness and follow my passions.

I will not Reflect a Dry Soul, as the external world mirrors my inner self. I will create and be The Reflections of a Loving Soul, so the world becomes love. I will not become fanatical about any matter, and I will always be willing to change my mind, as The Dystopic Illusion has taught me.

I will not water The Noxious Orchard of Vice, no matter how much my body desires it. I will be my own master and not knowingly ruin my Human Experience. Lastly, I will face The Clash Within and all problems that arise. I will do so by remembering that I am not Yves. I am no tag, no action, no thought, or feeling. I am The Observer, pure and eternal consciousness and awareness. And through this Seat of Consciousness, I will witness the mysteries of The Human Experience arise."

Snowflakes danced around us, and the waters remained still. With a determined expression, you gazed at me, and my heart swelled with pride.

"Good," I answered. "Are you ready?"

"What will happen next, One?" you inquired.

"First, you will forget about me," I said softly

"What do you mean!?" you exclaimed.

"Oh, don't be so sad, Yves," I whispered. "We will meet again."

"When!?" you asked.

"Well...once or twice throughout your human experience, I will nudge you onto the right path, but you won't know it's me. Then, we will meet again after you die."

"Oh..." you muttered, processing this information.

"What happens after I forget you?" you asked.

"You'll faint, nearly frozen to death, upon the Heart Stone," I explained. "A group of sailors will find you and bring you aboard their ship. They'll warm you up and ensure your survival."

"I see..." you murmured, ever the stoic.

"And finally," I continued, "you will awaken, all past experiences forgotten. Everyone you've met, everything you've ever done—gone. Except your name."

"But...what about the trials?" you asked, bewildered.

"They're ingrained in you. You will feel them, and they will guide you," I reassured you, placing a hand on your abdomen.

"Here? In my gut? I will feel the trials in my gut?" you questioned incredulously.

"Hahaha, yes," I chuckled. "You might call it 'gut feeling.'"

We savored these final moments together as your body grew colder. The lake was beautifully still, the falling snow heralding your arrival in the world.

"Thank you, One," you whispered, eyes heavy, no longer shivering.

"No, Yves, thank you. Are you ready now?"


Your eyes closed, and you crumpled upon the Heart Stone. Your helm slipped from your grasp, sinking back to its rightful place. A ship passed by, and the sailors spotted you. They hoisted you aboard, warmed you up, and you awakened.

"What is your name, boy?" a grizzled man asked.

And so, the Human Experience began.